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Relax in the beach, which is situated in front of the complex. You can enjoy the sun under umbrellas on deck-chairs on the beach or the new pool next to the beach and the cafe.
The Laconia taught the "lakonizein esti philosophizing 'and' honeymoon 'living in the blessed place has everything.

The Mani taught the "Victory or Death" living in the blessed land that had fewer products but excess art to make little much. So start your day with an excellent homemade breakfast with all the goodies of Mani earth.

Visit the HELLENIC CHAMBER OF HOTELS that raised our breakfast to learn what you will taste in your vacation!
We have created for you a fully renovated place, situated to a restored 1850's castellated house, next ot the sea by the beach of kotronas.

In the Hospitable tavern "En Plo" you will taste the most delicious recipes of the Greek gastronomy, cooked with unique home care. Some of the typical dishes that you will have the chance to taste are.

Traditional pies from all over Greece, hand-made bread that is offered with olive paste and sun-dried tomatoes, traditional cock cooked in different ways, lobster spaghetti and home made sweets made with care from the well-known cook Mary Panagakos. Her daily emissions in the Greek channels "MEGA" and "NET" have turned the Greek gastronomy into science.

We open in the afternoon with traditional sweets, coffee, ice-creams and finger food snacks from all over greece and we close late at night.
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